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How to make a workbench in maynkrafte

How to make a workbench in maynkrafte

Bench in the game Minecraft - this thing, without which it can not do.

That it creates weapons, armor, useful items, parts of mechanisms.

Workbench - is the first thing you need to create, starting the game.



You occurs at a random point justcreated a cubic world. In the inventory, you have nothing. Time inexorably moves forward. The day is over, come night, and a lot of aggressive monsters come out to hunt. For the remainder of the need to provide refuge like, useful tools, and food would be nice to get. But first we need to make a workbench.


Look around at the sides, find a hill or mountaintrees. Next to them is necessary to arrange the first refuge. Trees - will serve as a source of valuable resources, without which it is impossible to survive. The wood can be extracted from them with his bare hands. This is what we must do in the first place.


Go to the selected tree, hovercrosshair "sight" on one of his trunk blocks and hold down the left mouse button. After a few seconds, the selected block will disappear, and in your inventory will be a block of wood. In principle, it is enough to create a bench, but it's better Obtain a little more, because it is made of wood, you will create your first tools.


Open inventory. On the right of your character are four cells for crafting (making things). Put into any cell extracted wood. Remove the board resulting from the rightmost cell that displays the result of craft. Place the two boards on top of each other: you get a stick that are needed to create torches, picks and other useful things.


Now place the four boards in four cells. This will give you a workbench. Workbench is needed for making the most of the tools in-game. Put it on the ground. In the above picture shows the scheme of creation of all the necessary tools. The ingots of iron can be replaced by boards. Take an ax and chop more wood, it is possible to make the first house, which will protect you from the monsters at night.


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