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How to make a wooden ladder in a house

How to make a wooden ladder in a house

Stairs in the modern house performs certain functions for lifting and lowering of people.

In addition, it should be safe, durable and beautiful.

The most important thing in the device stairs - this is the right choice of material and the production of accurate calculation.



The low-rise construction as a materialfor the manufacture of stairs can be a wood, stone, metal, glass. The most popular material is wood. Calculation of the stairs must begin with its height and width. On the advice of professionals, steps height should not exceed 20 cm, width of the steps shall be not less than 25 cm, the maximum slope of a ladder should not be more than 45 degrees.


A wooden staircase is made up of severalmandatory elements: string (kosour) - inclined board, on which the whole structure and attached lestnitsy- stupeni- riser - they determine the height of the stage and placed directly under the board level, allowing it to act for 2-4 cm handrails - security design and descent lift.


Make kosoura template and cut out the stepcircular saw. Especially carefully cut corners. Finish stringers fabricate their required amount. Planed a plane stringers, for a better fit with the steps chamfer angles.


Reinforce the stringers at the place of installation stairs to the wooden cross beams. The proper fastening depends on the strength of the most ladders and safety.


Cut the stage and riser. When you consider the cutting width of the departure level of the riser. Secure the riser on kosour screws using a screwdriver.


Strengthen stage of riser screws. Install railing posts and balusters. Reinforce them with metal rods of 8 mm. Additionally, attach the columns to the wall anchors. On top of balusters and pillars reinforce the railing using the liquid nails and screws.

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