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How to make a winter tent made of polyethylene

How to make a winter tent made of polyethylene

Despite the huge variety of models for ice fishing tents, camping equipment sold in the shops, fishermen are trying to develop their designs.

And due to this desire to have light, Quick-tent, for the manufacture of which it is perfectly suited plastic film.

You will need

  • - Polyethylene film-
  • - Strips brezenta-
  • - duct tape-
  • - zipper-
  • - sewing machine.



Constructive solution makeshift tentspretty simple. It consists of four struts coated tarpaulin made from polyethylene film. Entrance to a tent placed on the zipper. Details are joined sleeves, one end of which is press-fitted, and another part inside the tube. For uprights perfect old duralumin poles. The upper hinge are fastened by means of a spring lock.


Make a frame the size you want, and then arrange its stand at the required distance, and tips them connect with each other in the usual cord.


Sew the awning of canvas and plastic stripsa film whose thickness should be at least 0.2-0.3 mm. To do this, I beg strips of canvas on the sewing machine, then Construct one upper cap, which will close the hinge. Ready canvas strips to sweep away the best on the frame, and then you can ask them on a typewriter. To do this it is best to use a nylon thread.


Tension on the finished canvas frame basis, andit baste polyethylene and lightning, then finally sew them on the sewing machine. For additional fastening to the frame of the awning against each kink resistant and bottom need to sew the straps. When sewing the film do not forget to enclose the inside of the braid, and the machine itself to put on the biggest step. At the top of the tent and closes going polyethylene cap, made from the same piece of film or sheeting, and then clamped by a wing bolt.


Sew the loop at the base of the tent. In the future, they will need to secure the tent. The pins are inserted, which, in turn, are driven into the ice. Ready to sew tilt hinge.

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