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How to make a whip

How to make a whip

Scourge - is not only an instrument of the shepherd, but also a decorative element in the home, which many can only dream of.

Weave the whip can be anyone, and more than that - it is quite an exciting experience, which can be subsequently and hobbies.



Prepare syromyat (untanned skin), saturate it with fat.


Make cutting blanks on the lower kneehis material. The width of the strips should be 4-6 mm. Strips best thing to do as long as possible. This may be cut in a spiral or diagonal. Schedule tanneries on a piece of strip equal to the total width of all bands for the whip.


Mark the desired number of strips of equal width. It should retreat 10 cm from the end of the tanneries for the whip attachment.


Cut the strips on the planned lines. Dilute equal amounts strips apart at each side for the convenience of weaving.


Now take away by an equal number of stripes on one and the other side and move the arrow direction. Thus all stripes should go to symmetrical and evenly, without twisting with each other.


Form the knee by inserting it in the coneLiner also from tanneries. Increase the diameter of the knee, stopping an increase of 5-7 cm to the ring loop. Then continue weaving without liner on the rest of the site.


Pass the area without liner in the couplingring and bend it so as to form a loop in which the free "walk" your ring. According to the above method entwine the rest of the lashes without knee.


Secure the ends sticking out, dragging them between the strips on the thickening. Trim the ends, having cut them to form a fringe.


Start weaving the following lap. At the same time, keep in mind that each successive knee should be thicker than the previous one. For this weave is not necessary to carry out four, and six or more strips. All the action takes place in the same way as the previous weaving tribe (one bar to the other and so the circle). Do not forget at the end of weaving tribe ensure that the knee was not thinner than the rest of the loop before the final and the initial loop of the previous knee no thicker than each subsequent.


The final manufacturing step will be a whip, which is attached to the last tribe of the whip and whip.
Manufacture of several segments by matching whip (of the same tanneries), attach it to the latter tribe.


Begin production of whip. To do this, take a small thickness suitable stick and attach it to the belt of the whip. On a stick with a knife, you can make a few cuts and grind it to a special machine for greater beauty and elegance.


Saturate whip finish. Cut a strip of thick tanneries 200 × 30 mm. Fold both edges of the strip in the form of the letter "C".


Insert the strip into the ring the lastknee. Fold in half so that one end of the strip at the same time was a bit longer than the second. Next, make an indentation in the whip corresponding to the thickness of the strip. Install the belt part in it.


Fasten the belt to whip a small part of carnations. Dry the whip. Now you can use it for other purposes (for grazing), or decorate her interiors of houses, apartments, offices and bathhouses.

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