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How to make a wedding menu for 70 people


A wedding banquet is no less important than the ceremony itself.

From the choice of the wedding menu will depend on the mood of your guests.

Following a few simple tips, you can choose the right menu.

And your guests will be satisfied and satisfied.

The more guests, the harder it is toWedding menu. We must carefully choose the dishes, if possible, taking into account the tastes of different people. It is necessary to find out the preferences of the guests in advance, even if there are 70 people. It is likely that people on the list of those who are fit for religious or ideological reasons will not be able to try this or that product. In addition, some may just have an allergy.
This does not mean that everyone needs to cookSeparate dish. It is enough to take care of them from non-mixed products. For example, a separate dish of beef, a dish of pork, a dish of vegetables. Such an abundance of dishes should be enough for everyone to find something to their liking.

Portion for each

Once you have compiled a list of guests andSpecified their tastes, it is necessary to calculate the wedding menu for one person. The norm is about 600 grams of salads and cold snacks, 1-2 servings of hot dishes, 1-2 servings of dessert and 1 piece of cake. It is assumed that for 10 people an average of 2 kg of wedding cake. Hence we find out that 70 people need to order a cake weighing 14 kg.

Do not forget about alcoholic beverages. The more types of beverages presented, the better. Approximately expect that 10 people need 3-4 bottles of strong alcohol, 3-4 bottles of wine and 2-3 bottles of champagne. To get the quantity of alcohol for 70 people, just multiply the number of bottles by seven.

General recommendations in preparation

But remember, everyone has different appetites. So take it with a margin. Agree, it is much better after the banquet to leave extra food than to see off hungry guests. Moreover, the remaining food can be useful for the second day of the wedding.
As for the financial part, the averageShould be based on the amount of 1500-2500 rubles per person, depending on the products. But if you live in a small city, the amount can be significantly reduced.
Do not forget that many cafes and restaurantsHelp the newlyweds in the making of the menu. For you will make a detailed description of what products and in what quantities are needed. Will take into account all your wishes. Of course, if the guests are few, then the menu can be made up by yourself. But in the case of 70 guests, it is better to contact the administrator of the cafe or restaurant for help. This option will be more economical and effective.

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