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How to make a wedding menu for 70 people

How to make a wedding menu for 70 people

The wedding banquet is no less important than the actual wedding ceremony.

The choice of wedding menus will depend on the mood of your guests.

Adhering to a few simple tips, you will be able to choose the right menu.

And your guests will be full and happy.

The more visitors, the more difficult to makewedding menu. It is necessary to carefully choose the dishes as far as possible taking into account the tastes of different people. It is necessary to find out in advance the preferences of guests, even if they are 70. It is likely that the list will be the login prompt people who for religious or ideological reasons, will not be able to try this or that product. In addition, some may simply be allergic.
This does not mean that everyone should be prepareda separate dish. Suffice it to make sure that they are not of the composite products. For example, a separate dish of beef, a dish of pork, a dish of vegetables. Such an abundance of dishes should be enough that everyone found something to their liking.

A portion of each

Once you have compiled a list of guests andrefined their tastes, it is necessary to calculate the wedding menu for one person. The norm is considered about 600 grams of salads and cold appetizers, hot dishes 1-2 servings 1-2 servings of dessert, and 1 piece of cake. It is expected that up to 10 people in an average of 2 kg of a wedding cake. Hence, we find out that 70 people need to order a cake weighing 14 kg.

Do not forget about alcoholic beverages. The more types of drinks will be presented, the better. Some expect that the 10 people you need a bottle of spirits 3-4, 3-4 and 2-3 bottles of wine bottles of champagne. To get the amount of alcohol for 70 people, simply multiply the number by seven bottles.

General advice in the preparation of

But remember that everyone has different appetites. So take with a reserve. Agree, much better after the banquet leave extra food than accompany the hungry guests. Especially, the remaining food can come in handy for the second day of the wedding.
With regard to financial part, the averageIt should start from the amount of 1500-2500 rubles per person, depending on the product. But if you live in a small town, the amount can be significantly reduced.
Do not forget that many of the cafes and restaurantshelp the newlyweds in the preparation of the menu. For you to make a detailed description of what foods and in what quantities are needed. Consider all your wishes. Of course, if a little guest, the menu is quite possible to make yourself. But in the case of 70 guests is better to seek help from an administrator cafe or restaurant. This option would be more economical and efficient.

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