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How to make a wall of drywall


Drywall will help to easily and quickly align the walls of the room</a>

Drywall has become a part of our life. Yes it is not surprising.

As the name implies, it is made of two components? Gypsum and cardboard.

Both materials are environmentally friendly, do not pose a threat to health, and you can finish the room with plasterboard in just one day without much effort and great material costs.



With gypsum board it is very easy to work. First, you need to install a load-bearing metal frame, which is attached to the old wall, ceiling and floor. In case of emergency, sheets can be glued straight to the wall, this will not only save time, but also free up 3 cm of space, which will inevitably take away the metal profile. Before installing the drywall, make sure that all side sections are perfectly even, so that the sheets are firmly attached to each other during installation, leaving no unnecessary gaps. Carefully inspect the wall, which you will trim. All necessary openings, for example, under the sockets, must be done on the sheet prior to its installation.


Installation of gipsokartonnyh sheets need to be doneVertically. The fastening is made by metal screws with a length of 2.5 cm, the GPL should be fixed to the profile every 25 cm. To protect the gypsum wall from mechanical vibrations that can be transmitted to it from ceilings and walls, the sole of the perimeter profile is pasted with a special foamed tape. Gluing this tape does not take much time, but it will help prevent possible cracks on the future wall, extend its service life, increase noise insulation, make the room warmer. Two people are able to trim a room of medium size in one day, if it does not have complex corners and protrusions. After assembling the wall from the plasterboard, you need to give a couple of days for it to stand. Then you can proceed with further work.


Drywall - the material is durable and durable, itResistant to fire, therefore meets the requirements of fire safety. The acidity of gypsum differs little from the acidity of the human skin, and the absence of any chemical additives in it makes it possible to even gypsum plasterboard rooms for allergy sufferers, without fear of harming them. It can be said that drywall is a unique building material, which is also easy to handle and install.

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