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How to make a wall of plasterboard

Plasterboard can easily and quickly align the walls of the room

Plasterboard is firmly entrenched in our lives. And it is not surprising.

As the name implies, it is made up of two components? and gypsum board.

Both materials are environmentally friendly, pose no threat to health, and to decorate the room with plasterboard can be literally for one day without much difficulty and high material costs.



With the plasterboard panel is very easy to operate. First you need to install the supporting metal frame fixed to the old wall, ceiling and floor. In case of emergency the sheets can be pasted directly on the wall, it will not only save time, but also to free up the space of 3 cm, which would inevitably take the metal profile. Before installing the drywall, make sure that all the side sections were perfectly smooth, so that the sheets when installing tightly jointed with each other, leaving no unnecessary gaps. Carefully inspect the wall, you'll finish. All necessary holes, for example a socket, you must make on the sheet before its installation.


Installation of gypsum boards need to makevertically. Fixing screws manufactured metal 2.5 cm long, fastened to the profile of GPL should be every 25 cm. In order to protect plasterboard wall by mechanical vibrations that can be transmitted to her from the ceiling and walls, the sole perimeter Profile okleivayut special tape foam. Pasting a tape does not take much time, but will help prevent potential cracks in the wall of the future, extend its service life, increase sound insulation, make the room warmer. Two people can be finished in one day, a medium-sized room, if it has not been difficult angles and protrusions. After assembling the wall of plasterboard should be given a few days to ensure that it is defended. Then you are ready to proceed.


Drywall - resistant and durable material, itresistant to fire, therefore it meets the fire safety requirements. Acidity gypsum differs little from the human skin acidity, and the lack of it any chemical additives enables plasterboard finish even rooms for allergy sufferers, without fear of harm to them. We can say that the drywall is a unique building material, which is also easy to handle and install.

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