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How to make a voodoo doll


Voodoo - this is not magic, not religion, but just a set of prejudices? (C / f? Dogma?)</a>

Before attempting to harm someone by using voodoo, one should remember that there is opposition to every action.

You will need

  • Bee wax (500 grams), fabric, hair and nails-sacrifices ?.



Material selection. As a starting material for creating a voodoo doll, it is best to use beeswax. Why? It is believed that this is a pure substance that accepts and retains the energy that is being invested in it. Moreover, the wax perfectly keeps for a long time the energy of the person who touched it. In addition to wax, for the same purpose use a bundle of straw or a dry tree branch. From the straw they make the doll itself, from the tree it is cut out. But the wax is more plastic, so it's preferable.


Creature. Wax can be in tiles or in pieces, so for the convenience of processing, first we melt it on a slow fire in a suitable container. Cool it down to such an extent that it can be picked up and started to sculpt. A task ? To mold a figure that resembles the human being as much as possible. If? An object? A man, a doll must have pronounced male sexual organs. If a woman? Female.

After the? Golem? Ready, it needs to be wrapped in a clean cloth and left alone for a few days to prepare for the ritual? Initiation ?.


Name and image. Practice voodoo suggests that the doll should be identified as much as possible with the object of influence: to have a name, as well as the hair, nails and fabric that the object wears. It is believed that the hair, nails and tissue carry the energy of the object. In other words, having a sample? Energy, it can be influenced by another energy, in particular, the energy of a shaman.
First you have to collect? Artifacts?: Hair, nails, samples of clothing or fabrics with which the object is in contact. When everything is collected, "dress?" The doll. Nails we put in hands, we attach hair on a head, from a fabric we do a similarity of clothes. It remains to give the doll a name. It is assumed that this is the name of the object. Now the Voodoo doll is ready.

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