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How to make a visitor visa

How to make a visitor visa

To visit foreign countries, in mostcases you will need a visa - a document allowing entry into the country for some time. Visas are several types: diplomatic, tourist, work, bed.

A visitor visa is issued in the case, if you go to see friends or relatives who live abroad.



Registration of a visitor's visa has somefeatures. To get started, ask the receiving side, that is, your friends or relatives who are abroad, make and send you a special invitation. In Europe, such an invitation is made to the community police, and you shall be disclosed only an invitation number. The very original of this document is sent to the embassy in Russia, saying the number of embassy employee, you receive your invitation. It is done in order to ensure that you have a place for overseas property, financial and legal support from the host country.


In addition, ask them to send you a copydocuments confirming the identity of the host country (passport), the availability of property (documents to buy an apartment, etc.), as well as an invitation written in a relatively free form signed by the host. All this, together with print and other documents take to the embassy.


Guest visa to Germany, when invitedIt does not require confirmation of your financial status, that is, the certificate of the bank account. So do not worry that you will be denied if you previously did not have any violations, the denial of a visitor's visa is almost impossible. Naturally, provide local and foreign passport with all copies, a certificate of employment or study, completed application form and photos of the embassy.


But the visitor's visa to the United States requires a lot of effort. When making such a visa you have to pass an interview with a consular officer who will make every attempt to get at you any information that prevents a visa. Set out to convince him that you have no intention to stay in the United States. To do this, imagine further inquiries about the state of your bank account, the availability of housing, work, study, possibly your own business. Difficulties often arise from the unmarried girls, who can find a husband in the United States and stay there, so to him the embassy employees are treated with special care.

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