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How to make a guest visa


How to make a guest visa</a>

To visit foreign countries, most of theYou will need a visa - a document that allows you to enter the country for a certain time. There are several types of visas: diplomatic, tourist, workers, guest.

A guest visa is issued if you go to see friends or relatives who live abroad.



Registration of a guest visa has someFeatures. First, ask the host country, that is, your friends or relatives who are abroad, to compose and send you a special invitation. In Europe, such an invitation is made to the police at the place of residence, and you are only informed of the invitation number. The original of this document is sent to the embassy in Russia and, having notified the employee of the embassy, ​​you receive your invitation. It is done to ensure that you have a place abroad for housing, financial and legal support from the host country.


In addition, ask for copies to be sent to youDocuments confirming the identity of the receiving party (passport), the availability of housing (documents for the purchase of apartments, etc.), as well as an invitation written in a relatively free form with the signature of the host. All this is printed out and, together with the rest of the documents, take it to the embassy.


Guest visa to Germany with invitationDoes not require confirmation of your financial condition, that is, a certificate of bank account. So do not worry that you will be refused: if you have not previously had any violations, then the refusal of a guest visa is almost impossible. Naturally, provide a local and foreign passport with all copies, a certificate from the place of work or study, a completed embassy questionnaire and photographs.


But a guest visa in the US requires a lot of effort. When registering such a visa, you will have to pass an interview with a consular officer who will try in every possible way to get you any information that prevents the issuance of a visa. Set the goal to convince him that you do not have the slightest intention to stay in the US. To do this, in addition, provide information on the status of your bank account, the availability of housing, work, study, perhaps, your own business. Difficulties often arise in unmarried girls who can find a groom in the United States and stay there, so embassy employees treat them with extreme caution.

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