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How to make a video call

How to make a video call

The possibilities are limitless Internet.

With it, you can visit interesting sites for you, conduct business correspondence, to communicate in social networks, and even make video calls.

On communication "Classmates"

The Internet is a lot of modern manpossibilities of obtaining the necessary information in virtually all spheres of activity prior to the correspondence with users and participate in video conferences.
Go to your personal page on a social network"Classmates", which will need to pre-enter the main page of the site the user's credentials - username and password - or click on a previously saved tab on the site in your browser.
Then, on the main top panel, which is due tobright orange color, very easy to detect, locate the button "Messages" and press it to go to the correspondence section. After this a new window will open on the right a list of users with whom you once led dialogue.

To find quickly in the desired list of friendsperson, use the search, which simply type in the top line "Search friends" on page correspondence username and click the icon representing a magnifying glass.

Locate and select your desired "classmate"then on the left you will see all the letters that you sent and sent to you. At the bottom of the page is a field in which is written the text of the message. Look at it closely. To the right are two buttons: "Send" and "Call". To make a video call to the selected contact, press the second button and wait for the app to load "Calls".
Now make the necessary settings, checkConnect, turn on the camera, check the microphone, set the volume. Set up the camera. If desired, you can expand the dialog box to fill the screen, or use it in a collapsed state. If you do not want the user to see you at the time of a call, simply disconnect the camera. It is noteworthy that even if at the moment the user is not online, you can record and send their appeal to him. When the "Odnoklassniki", will go to your page, it will be immediately notified about the call.

In order not to be disappointed as the pictures during a video call, get a webcam with high quality and resolution.

And the most important thing: video-calling in the "Classmates" no need to install additional applications and programs. Everything you need is already on the site. You just need to be equipped with web-cam computer.

Software for video calling

You can make video calls and using otherprograms. Among them are particularly popular Skype. Its advantages include better image quality, communication, application versatility and ease of use.
The second place is occupied by freeprogram for video calls ooVoo - almost an analogue Skype. Also talk via webcam and can be installing on the computer the program ICQ (the famous "ICQ"), as well as Tango or QIP.

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