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How to make a vase out of tin

How to make a vase out of tin

Very often we feel sorry to throw cans, because they can come in handy on the farm. Make bright flower vase for garden or home.

For this you need are flowers and paint.

You will need

  • - Net can
  • - gloves
  • - brush
  • - Paint applied research
  • - working space



Cans thoroughly rinse and dry. The top cover must be cut, it is not required. Prepare your workspace. Spread newspaper on the table, make sure not to stain the surrounding objects paint. Put on gloves.


If you bought the paint in a spray can, then you will be easy to put it on the tin.
If you have purchased a simple liquid paint, then apply them with a brush. Give tin dry during the day.


Your versatile flower vase from underTin cans ready. It is ideal for those who want to decorate your garden with bright colors or simply do not spend money to buy jewelry for the home. This vase can be used as pencil holders or storage of small items (buttons, paper clips).

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