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How to make a vase from a tin can


How to make a vase from a tin can</a>

Very often we feel sorry for throwing cans, because they can come in handy on the farm. Make a bright flower vase for the garden or at home.

To do this you will need this flowers and paint.

You will need

  • - clean tin can
  • - Gloves
  • - Brush
  • - paint for applied works
  • - working space



Tin can thoroughly rinse and dry. The top cover must be cut off, it will not be needed. Prepare your workplace. Spread newspapers on the table, make sure that you do not stain nearby objects with paint. Put on gloves.


If you bought the paint in an aerosol can, then it will be easy for you to apply it to a tin can.
If you purchased simple liquid paints, then apply them with a brush. Allow the tin to dry within 24 hours.


Your universal vase for flowers from underCan of tin cans. This is the perfect solution for those who want to decorate their garden with bright colors or just do not spend money to buy jewelry for the house. Such a vase can be used as a pencil or storage of small items (buttons, clips).

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