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How to make a vase out of the bottle in the Russian style

How to make a vase out of the bottle in the Russian style

Russian style is always different from the other with its simplicity and beauty at the same time. It seems to be nothing unusual, but still it is still used as a design and decor.

I propose to make in this style vase from a glass bottle.

You will need

  • - Flax red colors-
  • - Linen thread of red and natural colors-
  • - Glass bottle-
  • - Tissue-dye
  • - PVA glue-
  • - stationery knife-
  • - paper-
  • - karandash-
  • - Kitchen gubki-
  • - The brush.



The first thing on paper in pencilRussian ornament paint elements, ie all kinds of patterns and so on. Then use the knife of office of the obtained figures make a stencil that is cut all the elements on the circuit.


Then, using PVA glue necessary to paste overglass bottle. Once this is done, soak the linen threads of red and natural colors with the same adhesive. Once they have soaked, begin to wrap their future vase from the place where the fabric ends. Do this very carefully, trying to keep between the filaments was not gaps.


Allow the strands to dry, then takeharvested stencil and attach it to the product. Next, you need with a simple kitchen sponges applied decoration on the vase. For this mockney sponge in acrylic fabric, and then pat, apply it to the fabric through a stencil. It remains only to draw the small details brush patterns. Crafts Leave to dry completely. Vase in the Russian style of glass bottles ready!

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