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How to make a vase from twine


How to make a vase from twine</a>

From what only do not make the vases of the needlewoman, even glass bottles are fitted for this thing.

It turns out that this is not the limit.

The vase can be made by hand even from twine!

You will need

  • - twine-
  • - hot glue-
  • - glue gun-
  • - scissors.



First of all, we process the edges of the twine. As you probably know, it can swing and dissolve. Therefore, to avoid this, you need to grease the edges of this rope with glue.


Lubricate with hot glue the rope and twist it in a spiral. The first coil should be glued very carefully, so we squeeze it in the fingers until the glue dries.


After you have made the bottom of the craft to the desired size, you should start making the product a little differently, that is, the rope needs to be twisted not exactly one to the other, but slightly to move it upward.


If you want, you can make the handicraft not oneColor of a twine, and at once several. For this we cut off the first rope, and the second one is greased with glue and glued, that is, it turns out that it is an extension. So you can alternate several colors.


After the work is finished, cut off the working rope and fix the cut with hot glue. The vase of twine is ready!

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