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How to make a vase


How to make a vase</a>

Make a vase is very simple.

For example, from paper. Yes, yes, from an ordinary old newspaper you can make a very beautiful vase.

Your imagination will be where to clear up!

You will need

  • - Old newspapers
  • - Glass vase with smooth, smooth surface
  • - Starch
  • - Brush
  • - Knife, scissors
  • - Paints or colored paper



You will need warm water and old newspapers. Pour the water into a bowl. Take the chosen vase. Detach pieces of newspaper from the newspaper, dunk it in water and paste in the surface of the vase. Make sure that the surface of the vase is completely covered with pieces of newspaper. Do not sculpt the newspaper in large pieces, especially if the vase is a complex shape: the paper should not stick.


Cook the paste. To do this, take a small saucepan, pour water into it and put it on a stove. In a separate bowl, dilute the starch in a small amount of water (1 tablespoon per liter of water, when the water in the saucepan starts to boil, pour in the solution, mix thoroughly and allow to cool.) To put the paste in a cooler quickly, put the saucepan in a basin of cold water.


When the layer of paper pasted on the water is slightlyWill dry up (not enough to start to fall off, but so that the water does not drain down the walls of the vase), take a brush and glue the second layer of pieces of the newspaper, lubricating each paste.

In total, you will need to make 10-15 layers, depending on the size of the vase. The last layer should be made from smooth, neat pieces of white paper. This will be the face layer.

Dip the future vase to dry it properly.


When the workpiece dries properly, you needGently cut it along the perimeter and remove. Since the first layer of paper was attached to water, the workpiece can easily separate from the glass. If in some areas the paper will stick to the glass, soak the brush and drop a little water on the crocked place.


Fold the parts of the vase by spreading the seam with a paste. Stick one more layer of paper. Again let it dry.

Now you can colorize the vase as you like or cut pieces of colored paper and glue the gray layer as a mosaic.

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