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How to make a vase itself

How to make a vase

Vases are decoration of the house is not only filled with flowers, but in and of themselves.

This item of decor can be done with his own hands from simple scrap materials so that it will fit exactly into your interior, emphasizing his individuality.

You will need

  • - plastic bottle-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Glass bottle-
  • - rakushki-
  • - businki-
  • - Transparent Klein
  • - Paint in ballonchike-
  • - acrylic paints-
  • - Brush.



Vase from a plastic bottle

Wash plastic bottle on the label. Cut off her neck and upper rounded part. A thin marker, draw a line that will encircle the vase, dividing it into two parts. The upper part of you engage in the manufacture of jewelry, and in the lower part should be left enough room to put flowers.


Make vertical cuts on top of the bottle todrawn line. The thickness of the strips should be about 1 cm. Put the bottle upside down, flatten plastic petals so that they unbent outward, and a little push.


Twist the plastic strips. Take tab and bend it at an angle to the adjacent, tail slide under the following two by pulling the tip of the front on the third strip. Thus braided circle the entire workpiece. The last strip to secure the already bent lobe. If desired, garnish with the resulting vase beads, paint the acrylic paints.


Vase from a glass bottle

Make a vase in a nautical theme of glassbottle. Wash the container with dishwashing detergent for degreasing and dry. So far, the foundation dries, spread out on a table prepared by the shells, pebbles, beads.


Think about the song you want to createon the bottle. You can spread the material for decoration even layers in the circumferential direction, separating from one another a few turns of hemp rope. A form of sashes can shell fantasy flowers, surrounding them with beads and stones. Do ornament as your imagination tells you.


Coat with transparent glue a small areaglass bottle and apply it to the selected items one by one. Then treat the next section. The neck of the bottle, wrap the rope. Leave to dry your creation.


Effectively will look such a vase, if itpaint. Spray cans of bronze paint on all the decorative surface of the bottle. When it is dry, dip the brush in the dry gold acrylic paint and put it on the protruding part of the bonded elements. Dry and cover with acrylic paint.

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