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HOW TO make a Valentine Bead own hands

How to make Valentine Bead own hands

Share feelings, you can not only words, but also sweet little thing made by the hands. And it is not necessary for it to wait until 14 February.

Surprise, not tied to a specific date or event, please, probably even more.

You will need

  • - Thick copper wire
  • - A thin copper wire
  • - beads
  • - beads
  • - tape
  • - Round



To start using the pliers bendthick copper wire in the form of heart. For smooth bending is possible to use different diameter round objects, such as a cup or bottle. This is the basis of valentines.


Secure the thin copper-based wire, leaving a small tail (it will need to hide, extending into the first row of beads).


Beads strung on a thin wire. Try to keep the beads abut one another. Lead lines from one side to another of a heart. Beaded thread secured with two turns of thick wire base. The coils of wire try to impose a minimum distance from each other. The basis in this case will look neater.


Change the sequence of color beads,add to thread beads of various diameters, glass beads. Pick two contrasting colors beads or, alternatively, multiple shades of one color. Try to avoid large gaps between the strands of beads.


When the heart is filled, securethe remaining end of the thin wire and hide it by passing through a series of beads again. Decorate the resulting valentine bows of satin ribbons and organza.

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