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HOW TO make a triangle

How to make a triangle

If you are fond of ancient Japanese techniqueOrigami? the art of folding paper of different shapes? you need to explore ways of folding the basic geometric shapes that are used in a variety of origami figures. One such basic and universal forms, without which no cost, no one master origami? This double triangle or? water bombs ?, as it is called.

Fold the double triangle in several ways.



Take a square sheet of paper and fold it over on both diagonals. Then flip the square and fold it in half horizontally, aligning the top and bottom edges.


Folds formed the center point of a square. Press down on it? diagonal line curved upward and a horizontal line? down. Fold the square on the planned lines. You get a folded triangle.


Swipe it right corner to the left, and then turn the triangle, and swipe left corner to the right. It was the first and most common method of folding the triangle forms a base.


Another method to fold the triangle base, also as a basis for using a square sheet of paper.


Fold the sheet in half, aligning the top edge to the bottom and bending it over. Folded paper fold in half again along the vertical center line connecting the right edge to the left.


Bend near you square diagonally over, revealing pocket. It will turn the front triangle.


Turn the piece and do the same operation with the second square, flattened it into a triangle shape.


To fold the base triangle of the third way, bend diagonal square sheet of paper. Turn the resulting long triangle with the base downwards.


Fold the triangle in half, outlining the averagevertical line. Right and left of the triangle corners bend upward toward the center line? one for themselves, and one of his own. Flatten square pockets to get a triangle.

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