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How to make Easter tree with wishes

How to make Easter tree with wishes

You want to surprise your kids?

Prepare for them unusual Easter tree with wishes.

Each egg hanging on the tree will contain a secret prophecy.

You will need

  • - Willow branches, or any other tree
  • - Eggs from under the Kinder surprise
  • - a pen
  • -Paper
  • -Scissors
  • -Awl
  • -Rugged thread



Branches cut, remove the thorns (if any) and place in a large jar or vase.


On a small sheet of paper, write a wish ora secret message for the recipient. Gently fold the sheet into a tube, and place inside Kinder Surprise. You can prepare messages for each day of the week, then be sure to number the eggs Kinder Surprise marker.


At the top of the egg with the help of sewing pierce a small hole. Pass the thread and tie a knot inside the egg.


Hang your pre-cooked eggs on an Easter tree. During Easter just ask each guest to remove an egg and read the secret message.

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