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How to make a tray in the form of a sheet

How to make a tray in the form of a sheet

Beautiful original tray can be used to decorate any table, placed on it a fruit or bread, but it can also serve as a kitchen or living room decor.

You will need

  • - Newspaper trubochki-
  • - provoloka-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - prischepki-
  • - Green kraska-
  • - Lacquer.



Take 3 long newspaper tubes and reinforcing their wire by threading it into the tubes.


Attach one end of the tube together, andon the other, add another 4 tube reinforced tube and wrap them, pre-lubricated PVA, thereby forming the leg of the leaf. Secure design clothespins to withered.


Dissolve 2-reinforced tube on opposite sides, and the lower will be the bottom. Try to observe the same distance between the tubes.


Taking the working tube, braid "rope", criss-crossing struts leaf on the back of the convex side. Further, wrapping netting, continue to braid, keeping the shape of the elongated sheet.


Color woven preform, prime with it and cover with varnish. Protonated product under the shades of green, giving the sheet a more natural color.

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