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How to make a trap at home

How to make a trap at home

Residents of the city apartments, rural and suburbanhouses are still faced with the need to get rid of small rodents that damage to property and may endanger the health of people, spreading the infection. One such rodents - mouse.

Get rid of mice can be achieved by the construction and installation of mousetraps.

You will need

  • A plastic bottle of 0.5 liters, a knife, cardboard tube, scissors, tape, a bucket with high sides.



Now you can buy mousetrap at any hardware store. The problem is that almost all manufactured trap aimed at the destruction of rodents, but not in their catch. Such trap should not be used in areas where there may be children or pets, as this may lead to serious injury of limbs. At home, conditions of You can do mousetrap, While expending a minimum of time and effort. two types of mouse traps can be made safe.


To do this you will need a knife and emptyplastic bottle of 0.5 liters. The bottle must be cut in half crosswise. The mousetrap is made from the lower half of the bottle. At the edge of the workpiece cut wedge-shaped teeth-pitch depth of 5-7 cm.


Then placed inside the trap bait. Then you need to bend the petals into the trap so that there is a small opening through which the mouse falls into the trap. After the rodent gets inside the trap, he will not have to get out of it, as sharp teeth will not allow him to do so.


In order to make another mousetrap, You need to take a bucket with high sides,scissors, tape, tube of cardboard. As a tube of cardboard can be taken from the cardboard base of the roll of toilet paper. Cardboard tube should be cut in half lengthwise. Next, using the adhesive tape should be glued to the base of one of the halves of the tube a piece of cardboard so as to obtain a tunnel with one flat side.


Cardboard tunnel is mounted on the edge of the table,chairs, shelves so that one end of the tunnel was in the air. With this land put a small piece of bait. Right bucket placed under the free edge of the trap. Mousetrap ready. Once the mouse will pass through the tunnel for the bait, she immediately falls into the bucket, from which can not escape.

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