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How to make a transparent table

How to make a transparent table

Dial plain text in Microsoft Word simply, these skills are taught, even school.

If you often work with electronic documents, and understand all the nuances of Microsoft Word.

The ability to create tables are not less important than to be able to quickly type text.

You will need

  • - A computer-
  • - Microsoft Word.



In this paper, pay attention to the version of the programMicrosoft Word. table insert items in the document are different, for example, in earlier versions, this tab is in the status bar, a separate tab, in the later, it can be found in the tab "Insert". Click "Table", you will see a list with several ways to insert a table. Select the first line - "Insert table"Will open a new small window in front of you. Select the desired number of rows and columns, click "OK", the table will appear in the working document. format created table at its discretion - change the size of the columns, add line.


Click on the table, right-click. Select "Table Properties". You will see a window with multiple tabs - "Table", "string", "Column", "Cell." Go to the tab "Table" at the bottom right there and follow "Borders and Shading", "Settings".


Select "Borders and Shading." The following tabs are located in this menu - "Border", "Page", Fill ". "Border" Go to the tab. Select "Type" parameter refers to the type of lines of the table you created.


Use the scroll to select the most suitable type for your table. In the same column, there is a tab "Color" - it is also true to the lines of the table. Select an option, do table quite clear by the white background. The table itself is not off, just become invisible.


Try using a different method. When creating a table, select the second item - "Draw table".Click On this line, you'll see the cursor instead of a pencil. Created with the help of their own, individual tableWith various different numbers of cells and columns. When creating a table, select the desired pen color, line type, draw transparent table.

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