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How to make the color transparent in Photoshop


How to make the color transparent in Photoshop</a>

In some cases, for example, when designing a site, you may encounter a situation where the background of the image is in no way combined with the color of the site itself.

The obvious solution is to make this background transparent.

You will need

  • Adobe Photoshop.



Open the image in Adobe Photoshop (paragraphMenu "File" - & gt- "Open" (Open) or hot keys Ctrl + O). Click the menu item "Select" -> gt- "Color Range". The "Color range" window will appear.


Find the item "Select", it is in the veryTop of the window. Click on it. In the menu that opens, you can select a group of colors or tones, which can later be made transparent. Those. Only red colors, only green, blue or just midtones, shadows, etc. If you need to select a single color point-by-point, click "In the samples".


Find the item "Fragment" (Fuzziness) - with itsYou can extend the range of colors you select. Below are the items "Dedicated area" and "Image". If you select the first, then in the preview window of the program, the selected area will be displayed in advance. If the second, the image will be shown as a whole.


In the right part of the window are three buttons withThe image of pipettes. On the first of them just a pipette, on the second - a pipette with a plus, and on the third - with a minus. Click on the first one and click in the preview window or on the document itself for the color that you want to make transparent. Select the "Selected area" item to see which parts of the image have been selected.


If you want to add another color to the selected colorOne, click on the "Eyedropper +", and then click on this color. If you subtract, then act in a similar way, only with the help of the "Pipette". After selecting the desired color (or colors), click OK. As you can see, in the document the selected colors became highlighted.


In the list of layers (if it is missing, press F7)Right-click on the background, select "From the background" in the menu that appears, and click OK in the next window. The background will turn into a layer. Press Delete on the keyboard. Selected areas will become transparent.

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