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How to make a transparent color in Photoshop

How to make a color transparent in Photoshop

In some cases, such as when you make a site you may encounter a situation where the background image is in no way matched the color of the site.

The obvious solution - make the background transparent.

You will need

  • - Adobe Photoshop.



Open in Adobe Photoshop the desired image (paragraphmenu "File» (File) - & gt- «Open» (Open) or hot keys Ctrl + O). Click the menu item "Selecting» (Select) - & gt- «Color Range» (Color Range). A window "Color Range» (Color range).


Find the item "Select", he is in thetop box. Click on it. In the menu you can select a group of colors or tones, which can then be made transparent. Those. only red color, only green, blue, or only the midtones, shadows, etc. If you need to select the dot any one color, specify at this point "on the model."


Find the item "Variation» (Fuzziness) - with itscan be used to extend the range of selected colors. The following items are "isolated area" and "Image". If you select the first, then the preview window of the program will be displayed pre-selected area. If the second, then the image will be shown in its entirety.


In the right part of the window there are three buttonsimage pipettes. The first of them simply pipette, the second - the plus eyedropper, and the third - with a minus. Click on the first and click on the preview window or on the document by the color that you want to make transparent. Select "selected area" to see which areas of the image selected.


If you want to add to the selected color stillOne click on the "Pipette +" and then click on the color. If you subtract, you proceed in the same way, only with a "Pipetki-". After selecting the desired color (or colors), click OK. As you can see, the document selected colors are selected.


In the Layers list (if it is not, press F7)Right-click on the background, the pop-up menu, select "from the background", and in the next window - just OK. Background layer in turn. Press Delete on the keyboard. Dedicated areas will be transparent.

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