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How to make a track on the site

How to make a track on the site

The whole look of the site depends on howfit into the style of the garden all the architectural elements such as the track. Tracks can be broad or narrow, pedestrian or a vehicle made in landscape or regular style.

How and from what material to make a track on the site?

You will need

  • Plot plan the placement of tracks, the material for the base track, coating material, construction tools.



Decide on the plan, which will be held tracks. Please note that use them will not aloneseason. Calculate the track width, depending on the use. If you carry on a cart path, the web width is 20 cm wider than the track on its wheels. for vehicle track may be configured as a wide web as well as two bands.


Mark out on the site with the help of pegs and cordfuture path. On the basis of its length and width, calculate the amount of material required to cover the device. In choosing the material, consider its durability and compliance with the overall design of the site. The tracks may be made of crushed stone, brick, natural stone, prefabricated concrete tiles, monolithic concrete and even glass.


Begin to work in good dry weather. Pull on the site markup layer of turf. Make the ground under the track. The material for the base and its thickness will depend on the material laying. On firm ground under a brick, paving tiles and concrete is poured a layer of sand in 8 cm. The tracks of heavy use (car, truck, bike) reinforce stronger. For them, the bottom of the trench is placed 10 cm thick layer of stone or rubble, and tamped. On top of falling asleep 3 cm of sand with a cement mixture.


On the prepared surface coating lay (paving stones, concrete, stone, tile, etc.). dialers tracks of the individual elements can be placed at intervals. The intervals can pour soil and plant grass. On the pavement all the intervals to refill the sand-cement mixture.


If required, make edging tracks - Curb. In commercially available ready-made borders of the special form. They are placed either directly in the process of laying the base web or later. Dern at the curb necessarily remove the tab. If a border complex curvilinear form of concrete, be sure to use the valve in the formwork.

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