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How to make a track of traffic jams

How to make a track of traffic jams

Using the interior apartments and garden of plastic bottles and caps from them recently gaining momentum. All kinds of crafts, toys, pictures and patterns adorn the homes and gardens.

Garden path lined with plasticplugs, - an original and functional element of the decor, and the cork - a surprisingly strong and durable building material, resistant to temperature changes and stress.

1. Start the creation of the garden "cork" track should be with the collection of material - that is, multi-colored caps. The more of them will be able to gather up, the more interesting it will pattern. James will need a lot, so you can connect to the collection of material for friends and relatives, and it is better to start this process well in advance of the summer season.
2. The development of the pattern. You can, of course, lay the plug in a chaotic manner - in a diversity of colors also has its own "highlight". However, it will be much more interesting if out of traffic jams put some pattern. And if the pattern consists of repetitive elements, the track will be done gradually, as the appearance of the required number of plugs. the pattern element is better to lay before working on the future path or on any flat surface, observing the size of the track width.
3. It is necessary to mark out the path: drive pegs to pull the rope, remove the sod. If the dirt track is already there, the problem is simplified. Earth on track should be a place to dig a bit, leveled and compacted. Then you can use two methods of manufacturing cork track.
In the first case the track need to pour sanda layer of 3 cm, moisten it and proceed to the pattern laid out, each cap will drive tightly in the sand and tamping. Then put on top of wooden board and a hammer to tap, to perfectly align the surface. After the laying of tubes need to track once again well moistened. However, this path will not be strong - after some time some plugs will stand out from the pattern.
The second method allows you to track morestrong and durable. Instead of sand need to use a mixture of cement and sand (1: 4), diluted with water to the consistency of thick cream. The rest of the manufacturing process of the same track. It should be borne in mind that the mortar dries quickly, and therefore prepare pour it is necessary to track slowly. To track turned out more accurate, it is possible to make the casing of the boards.
Making tracks from traffic jams will require a lot of effort, patience and time. But the result is worth it! It's so nice to create beauty with his own hands!

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