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How to make a toast to his beloved girlfriend

How to make a toast to his beloved girlfriend

Today magnificent holiday feasts almost outout of fashion. People spend holidays in cafes and restaurants, and if they are invited guests at a dinner party, it is rather like gatherings, than celebratory banquet.

However, this does not mean that the old-fashioned feasts of the past are gone and holiday toasts.

Forget about age

Even if the occasion - birthday, remember that evenjust to remind the woman of her age is not very tactful. In the end, you're not going to remember how many turned to your girlfriend and to emphasize it to you the way. On this and concentrate. Tell me in a congratulatory toast about what it is you shopping, preparing a delicious, or how can pick up clothes. It is also a great topic for a toast - a hobby.
Always the way will fall compliments aboutappearance and good form. Be aware, however, measure, and not talk too blatant flattery. If the girlfriend weighs a hundred kilos, it is not necessary, of course, praise her perfect figure. A theme of appearance and age, if it is painful, even better would not affect.

Toast in verse

If you are able to write their own poemsfor your friend - fine. The best gift you can not come up and. In case, if such a talent you have, there is the Internet, or greeting cards that will come to your aid. Remember, however, that just stand and read the quatrain, printed on the purchased card - not the best greetings. The poems are good, when you recite them sincerely. Try to say a few kind words from him personally and complete performance poetry. This will produce a strong impression and are sure to enjoy all the guests.

Female friendship

The eternal theme for jokes and anecdotes - Womenfriendship. Many people, for some reason, believe that it does not happen. You do not agree? Toast will be a great occasion once again to tell others that there is a female friendship. Here we can recall some funny story from your life, and to flavor your speech anecdote or parable. Good friends today is really very difficult to find. Even if your greeting is not pretty lush, simple sincere words always produce a good impression on the audience. Just tell us what you love his girlfriend. Sometimes this is enough.

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