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How to make a toast to your beloved friend


How to make a toast to your beloved friend </a>

Today, festive celebratory feasts have almost come outOut of fashion. People spend their holidays in cafes and restaurants, and if they invite guests to a dinner party, it is more like a get-together than a festive reception.

However, this does not mean that festive toasts have gone into the past with old-fashioned feasts.

Forget about age

Even if the occasion is a birthday, remember that moreOnce to remind a woman of her age is not very tactful. In the end, you're not going to remember how much your girlfriend turned out to be, and to emphasize how precious it is to you. On this and concentrate. Say in a congratulatory toast about how it is economic for you, how to cook deliciously or how it can choose clothes. Also a great topic for toast - a hobby.
Always by the way there will be compliments aboutAppearance and good shape. Know, however, a measure and do not say too forthright flattery. If a friend weighs under a hundred kilograms, you should not, of course, praise her ideal figure. And the theme of appearance and age, if it is painful, will generally not be affected.

Toast in verse

If you are able to independently compose poetryFor your girlfriend - fine. The best gift can not be invented. In case you do not have such a talent, there is an Internet or greeting cards that will come to your aid. Remember, however, that simply getting up and reading the quatrains printed on the bought card is not the best option for congratulations. Poems are good when you recite them sincerely. Try to say a couple of warm words in person from yourself, and finish the performance with poems. This will make a stronger impression and will definitely appeal to all guests.

Female friendship

The eternal theme for jokes and anecdotes - femalefriendship. Many, for some reason, are sure that it does not happen. Do not you agree? Toast will be an excellent occasion to tell others again that women's friendship exists. Here you can recall some funny story from your life, also spice up your performance with an anecdote or a parable. Good friends today is really very difficult to find. Even if your congratulations will not be pretty lush, simple sincere words will always make a pleasant impression on listeners. Just tell me why you love your girlfriend so much. Sometimes this is enough.

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