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How to make the most tinting

Summer heat forces the drivers to look for ways to fight to reduce the degree of heating the air inside the vehicle.

The positive effects pursued defined goals, achieved through self-tinting the side windows of the car body.

You will need

  • The film for tinting, scissors, detergent water.



The flat surface of the side glass pastedubbing the film is simple. The only condition in the course of this work - is the absence of different litter and dust in the form of grains of sand in the water and on the glass surface.


The first stage of the work dubbingnecessary to make patterns for the subsequent cutting out self-adhesive film dubbing. Projection glass intended for subsequent laminating, on plain paper is removed, and then the film cut out similar in size to the pattern - the workpiece.


Glass wash detergent diluted in water, then rinsed under running water and are arranged on a flat surface.


Then, the glass surface is abundantly moistenedan aqueous solution which contains a small amount of liquid detergent (50 g means 10 liters of water). Next, the pattern intended for toning, the protective layer is removed, and is gently applied to the glass surface.


Strictly aligning the edges of the film to the glass, softcloth to avoid scratching the film, from under it removed the remnants of moisture. And after a couple of hours it has glass can be installed on regular places of the car body.

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