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How to make a tincture of black currant

Tincture of black currant

Home infusion is delicious and useful.

For its preparation does not use artificial flavors and colors that are very valuable.

It is enough to put the required amount of ingredients in the bottle, wait 2-4 weeks and can begin tasting.

You will need

  • - black currant-
  • - sugar
  • - vodka-
  • - Glass container with a lid.



Tincture rescue when the garden great harvestcurrant. You can buy fruit beverage market. Some volunteers in the harvest work in the Institute of Horticulture Botanical gardens and receive remuneration for their work in the form of fragrant berries.


There are several recipestincture of currants. Here is the first. If currants from his garden and clean, it can not be washed. On the surface of berries and fruit are substances that help the better fermentation. The purchase must be washed.


Berry pour into a glass jar and pourwith a sugar ratio of 1: 1. Place the container in the sun for a month. Bank periodically shake. Thereafter, the syrup is filtered. On one part poured into 2-3 parts vodka, depending on the desired strength.


The second recipe. Half a liter of vodka mixed with 150 grams of sugar, there is added to a glass of currant currants and 10 sheets. All poured into the bottle and cleaned for 3-4 weeks in a dark place. After this infusion of black currant filtered through nylon or a triple layer of cheesecloth and tasting.


The third recipe will not wander currants,therefore it is better to wash. Two cups of fruit, a cup of sugar and a glass of water on the fire, bring to a simmer. Do not forget to stir the mass and remove the foam.

Currants with sugar on a plate


When the syrup has cooled, crush the berries using tolkushkoy and pour the sweet mass of half-liter bottle of vodka. Take in a dark place. After 3 weeks of infusion is ready.


Make a healing tincture of black kidneycurrant. To do this, the kidneys crushed tolkushkoy, put them in a jar or bottle and pour the vodka. On one part of the honor take 3 parts vodka. Infused all week in a dark place. Take 50 drops three times a day.

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