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How to make a three-dimensional picture

How to make a three-dimensional picture

You can make three-dimensional images from any picture.

It is really unusual effect that will draw admiring glances.

A need all three tools: Photoshop software and 3D glasses.

You will need

  • Photoshop and 3D glasses.



To create 3D photos, there are specialdeveloped technique - anaglyph. All methods are that the object is removed from different points, and then all the images merge into one. However, the desired effect can be achieved already with the finished image, without resorting to tricks photographers.


Open the desired photo. To do this, select File - Open. Of course, you can use any image, but you have to go to RGB mode. If a photo is in a different mode, go to Image - Mode - RGB Color.


First, make a few copies of the image. Right-click on the Background Layer and click Duplicate Layer.


Make two copies. Now select the top and go to the channel panel. The easiest way to do this - press Window - Channels. Select the Red channel.


Highlight photo completely, simultaneously press keys Ctrl + A. You should get a picture in shades of gray.


Then select the Move Tool and drag the layer to the left of the red channel. Make sure that the background of the black image.


Go back to the Layers panel. Select the new layer. You've already got a decent 3D photoSo this can stop. But there are some tricks to give this image depth.


Create a mask. Select a layer and click on the button at the top of the panel. For masking, use soft brush. Its goal - to return the background picture to the original view.


Go to the lowest layer. Select the red channel for it. Select all the images. Select the Free Transform, by simultaneously pressing Ctrl + T keys. Change the layer of the red channel. You can zoom, rotate or distort. The main thing is that the background and foreground layer different from each other.


That's all. Wear special 3D glasses and enjoy.

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