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How to make a tetrahedron



To make a tetrahedron, you need to take a sheet of paper, scissors and glue.

Then, cut out the paper of the tetrahedron from the paper and glue it together.

If there are 4 sheets of multi-colored paper, then the tetrahedron will turn out even more beautiful.

You will need

  • Sheet of paper, scissors, glue



To make a tetrahedron, one must take a sheet of densePaper or cardboard and draw on it the reamer shown in the drawing. The sweep size can be arbitrary. It is not necessary to copy the figure shown in the figure. In fact, the scan consists of four equilateral triangles equal to each other (not counting the petals intended for gluing together).


Then you need to carefully cut the scissorsDrawn on paper and sweep it across all lines. To place the bends turned out smooth and clear you can use some metal object. For example, the scissors handle. If the workpiece is cut from cardboard or thick, thick enough paper, then the fold lines must be cut with something very sharp, for example, with a razor blade.


After that? Pattern? Must be glued together. Petals for gluing faces should be placed inside the formed figure. If cuts were made on the cardboard, they should be outside the tetrahedron.

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