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How to make a tetrahedron


To make the tetrahedron, you need to take a sheet of paper, scissors and glue.

Then it is cut from paper and glue scan tetrahedron.

If there is a sheet of colored paper 4, the tetrahedron get more beautiful.

You will need

  • a sheet of paper, scissors, glue



To make the tetrahedron, it is necessary to take a sheet of thickpaper or cardboard and draw it reamer shown in FIG. Scan size can be arbitrary. Optionally copy provided below figure. In fact, the scan consists of four equilateral equal to each other, triangles (apart petals designed for bonding).


Then you need to carefully cut with scissorsdrawn on paper and scan it to bend on all lines. To bend place to get smooth and clear as possible to use any metal object. For example, scissors handles. If the workpiece is cut out of cardboard or thick enough thick paper, then fold line must be incised with something very sharp, such as a razor blade.


After that,? The pattern? you need to stick together. Petals for gluing faces should be placed inside the resulting figure. If incisions were made on cardboard, they should be outside of the tetrahedron.

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