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How to make a Tesla generator

Tesla Generator looks fantastic!

Tesla Generator - a device created by the brilliant Serb scientist Nikola Tesla in the XIX century. In industry, the principle of this generator is used in microwave ovens.

In everyday life for more than a century generatorTesla is a thrilling entertainment to the public. Electrical discharges, which generates the device can reach a length of several meters.

Now we'll show you how to build a Tesla generator at home.



Primarily for creating this productYou need to think about the source of his power electric shock. It should have a voltage less than 5000 volts. This is only necessary for the most simple generator Tesla. For more complex analogs of this device require a higher voltage.


Tesla generator itself consists of the following:elements. The first - a transformer. He is represented by two coils (primary and secondary). It will also be necessary capacitor, spark gap, a special terminal and the toroid. A primary coil to be made of copper wire or a simple large diameter copper tube. If the wire is used, it must be circumferentially wound several turns. The secondary coil is composed of a thousand or more turns of copper wire of small diameter. It is worth noting that the primary coil is best done cylindrical horizontal or vertical form. Together with a capacitor, it should create a so-called "oscillating circuit". In the same diagram and included arrester which represents two parallel copper wires with a small gap. Upstairs, they have to be stripped and bent, and the bottom of the tightly wound tape.


The secondary coil includes a toroid whichit performs the function of the capacitor. It should be noted that the secondary coil has a sense of cover with epoxy to eliminate the possibility of electrical breakdown during operation. It is also necessary to say that in any case it is not necessary during the operation of the generator Tesla's touch made by it of electrical discharges. This can lead to serious consequences for your health in the future.

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