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How to make a Tesla generator


Tesla's generator looks fantastic!</a>

Tesla's generator is a device created by the brilliant Serbian scholar Nikolai Tesla in the 19th century. In industry, the principle of operation of this generator is used in microwave ovens.

In ordinary life, for more than a hundred years the generatorTesla serves as an exciting entertainment for the public. Electric discharges generated by this device can reach several meters in length.

Now we will tell you how to create a Tesla generator at home.



First of all, to create this deviceIt is necessary to think about the source of his power supply by electric current. It must have a voltage of at least 5,000 volts. This is only necessary for the most simple generator of Tesla. For more complex analogues of this device, a higher voltage is required.


The Tesla generator itself consists of the followingElements. The first is a transformer. It is represented by two coils (primary and secondary). A capacitor, an arrester, a special terminal and a toroid will also be needed. The primary coil should be made from a copper wire of large diameter or a simple copper tube. If a wire is used, it must be wound around the circumference by several turns. The secondary coil consists of a thousand or more turns of a copper wire of small diameter. It is worth noting that the primary coil is best done cylindrical horizontal or vertical shape. Together with the capacitor, it must create a so-called "oscillatory circuit". In the same circuit, a spark gap is also included, which consists of two parallel copper wires with a small gap. Above, they must be bared and bent, and at the bottom are tightly wrapped with electrical tape.


The secondary coil includes a toroid thatPerforms there the function of a capacitor. It should be noted that the secondary coil should be covered with epoxy to avoid the possibility of electrical breakdown during the operation of the device. It must also be said that in no case is it worthwhile during the work of the generator Tesla to touch the electrical discharges emanating from him. This can lead to serious consequences for your health in the future.

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