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How to make a tent of flies


How to make a tent of flies</a>

Summer is a great time of the year, but it hasOnly one minus is the innumerable insects that try to taste all the food together with the person. The first place among the most annoying "children" of nature, of course, is occupied by flies.

To protect them from food, you need to make a tent.

You will need

  • - thin plastic mesh-
  • - thick silvery wire-
  • - Decorative tape-
  • - pliers-
  • - cutting pliers-
  • - scissors.



First you need to find 9 patterns in the templateForm of wedges. The size of the future tent choose yourself. Once all the parts are ready, you can begin to stitch them. Do this on the sides so that the edge is not closer than 1 centimeter. When all the wedges are sewn, gently straighten the product.


From the wire, make such lengths, lengthWhich will have a little more stitching between the wedges. Turn the product inside out and start sewing the wire as close as possible to the seam. The excess grid must be cut off. Do the same with all other metal parts.


Next, all the ends of the wires on top of the craftIt is necessary to twist into one bundle, then cut off the remaining tips with the help of wire cutters. Remains of metal parts, which are located below, you need to twist in a spiral. Turn the future tent from the wrong side to the front side.


The twisted wire should be hidden under a bow from decorative tape. If desired, the product can be decorated with beads in the tone of a plastic mesh. The tent of flies is ready!

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