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How to make a tea house with their hands

How to make a tea house with their hands

Agree that in the kitchen so much that at times and have no idea where to put that.

I suggest you save space and make small, so to say, a house for tea accessories.

You will need

  • - 5 mm-thick plywood
  • - Cuttings for shovels - 3 piece-
  • - samorezy-
  • - acrylic paints-
  • - Glue "Moment" -
  • - sandpaper-
  • - nozhovka-
  • - drel-
  • - Screwdriver or screwdriver.



The first thing you need to determine for yourself whatsizes will be in the future crafts. Once you have decided this, you can proceed as follows: Cut the plywood boxes, shelves and handles for shovels cut into several pieces to the rack. For racks is best to use the upper part of the handle, that is, the one in which the rounded end. These elements treat sandpaper.


On the racks from cuttings mark the location for futurecuts. These cuts will keep the rectangular shelves, so you need to be the width matches the plywood. These hollow treat with sandpaper.


Now you need to, so to speak, to assemble a tea house. This requires the paste to shelves in racks cuts with glue "Moment".


Then saw out of plywood should stand in the form of a rectangle. On the resulting need to stand next to put a tea house and a pencil to circle the rack.


Find the center of the circles in the received and mark it with a pencil. Now, in the marking drill hole, then connect the stand with racks crafts screws.


Crafts there are only covered with acrylic paint and paint in several layers. Tea House is ready! I agree that it is very easy to use, beautiful and practical!

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