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How does a tattoo in a language

How to make a tattoo in a language

Tattoo - a very popular phenomenon.

They have long ceased to be something provocative, or a sign of deviant behavior, now it is just a fashionable way to decorate your body.

It is not surprising that people are trying to experiment and do the tattoo, even in language.

Tattoo on language

Tattoos in the language - this is quite a new direction inthe world lovers to express themselves through drawings on the body. It looks good put drawing very impressive. It is not surprising that many people are interested in the question of how much it hurts, durable and does not threaten Do what some unpleasant consequences.
Of course, the tattoo on the tongue yetconsidered experimental phenomenon, and very few can boast significant expertise in this area. One advantage of the tattoo in a language is that if the holder does not wish to ornament the language, you will never see his tattoo. This is a very intimate kind of tattoo.

The process of applying the tattoo on the tongue

Contrary to common fears, the processtattoo on the tongue is not so painful, it is little different from the usual manufacturing tattoo. The main feature is that the language - a muscle layer of the epidermis and on it are not too tight. That is why the tattoo masters warn seeking pattern in the language of that pattern can fade with time. The durability of the result that is guaranteed to be a normal part of the body, the language is somewhat questionable.
The procedure for applying the tattoo on the tongue looksin the following way. Before we start doing pattern work qualitatively Master be sure to secure the client language. Of course, it can be a little uncomfortable, but will have to wait. Then the needle just pierces the upper layer of the epidermis and brings to paint. Usually, a tattoo on the tongue is applied very quickly, because the portion size small.
The pain of a tattoo on almost the languagesame as in the other parts of the body. Some of those who did such a tattoo, say there is severe pain and sensation, rather reminiscent of tickling. It probably depends on the individual sensitivity. Some faint from the pain, if you do a tattoo on the back, while others can be "painted" in places where the skin is very delicate, without thinking about how to shudder.

Which pattern to choose for a tattoo on the tongue

According to the advice of the masters, it is not necessary to impalelanguage is something very complex or multi-colored. The specifics of the appearance of the body is such that the simpler the image, the more effectively it looks. The best option would be a monochrome pattern, reminiscent in its simplicity Celtic ornament.
Tattoos in the language can be any color, but still keep in mind that the language has its own color, which also must be considered.

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