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How to make a tattoo

How to make a tattoo

How to find professionals with tattoos - is not just a fashionable hobby, but a way of self-expression.

However, the time during which there is a desire to express his "I" thus passes, and the tattoo remains.

And often the owners are willing to get rid of it later.



There are several options informationtattoos, but none of them is one that is able to reduce the tattoo was qualitatively at home (if you do not want the terrible scars, infection and other unpleasant and unpredictable consequences, do not try to get rid of the tattoo of the house).


It is best to take the help of expertsand go to the clinic. There you will drive its laser, which has long been used in Russian and international practice for decades, though it does not matter what type would be your tattoo (the only exception is a "double" tattoo). Plus, this method is that the laser has a cosmetic effect and leaves virtually no scar.


But lasers are different, because it all dependstype of tattoo, its color, and so on. For example, if your tattoo in black, green or blue color, you'll like the ruby ​​laser, designed for both amateur and professional tattoos.
For removing the red, yellow and orange tattoosusing a green laser, a yellow laser designed for light blue tattoo. There are many other lasers, however, do not try to choose the type of its own, because it is - a task specialist.


Medical professionals believe that anotheracceptable method is cutting dermatome layer of skin containing the tattoo. According to this method - one of the most effective and sparing (with professional performing this operation scars also remain).

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