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How to make a target-pig


It's not even easy to get the ball into the jar, even from a distance of three steps. But if a good workout, then very quickly you will become the winner in a fun game.

To do this, cardboard cute pig snout, the bank set a target in the hole-mouth and compete with friends in the well-aimed hit.

Attach jar neck to the cardboard and draw a pencil. Cut out the circle. Around him draw a pig snout and cut along the contour.

From the circle cut-nose snout. Paint the snout light pink and nickle and ears - dark pink paint. Draw eyes and nostrils, felt-tip pen. Insert the back of the bank faces in the hole for the mouth. The Bank will provide a focus for the pigs stability, and it will collect the balls at the exact hitting the target.

The rules are simple. Install the pig on the ground or on the floor. Determine the distance from which you will throw the balls. Each player is given the same number of balls. Players take turns throwing balls in his mouth pig. The winner is the player who will throw in his mouth pig largest number of balls.

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