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How to make a tank of sweets

How to make a tank of sweets

An interesting and original gift of sweets in the form of a tank can be present on any holiday or celebration. Men only pretend do not like sweets.

In fact, like all sweets - from small to large ...

You will need

  • - Small chocolates (round, square, rectangular) -
  • - Skewers derevyannye-
  • - Corrugated cardboard (normal paperboard) -
  • - Corrugated paper gold colors-
  • - Adhesive (double sided tape) -
  • - Napkin solomennaya-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • For decoration:
  • - tape-
  • - stars-
  • - Decorative shnur-



Cut blanks tank made of cardboard: basis of the case - made of corrugated cardboard, blanks tower (strip, circle) - from thin cardboard. The dimensions must correspond to the details, the size of the selected chocolates. To do this you must first put the chocolate on the board and decide on the size.


Glue the circular turret and bend the edges (front and rear) base made of corrugated cardboard.


Take the gun out of the ordinary wooden skewers,folded their 5-6 pieces, and wrap a strip of gold crepe paper almost the entire length. At the end screw the gun at each other several paper strips, making a bulge.
Also obkleyte carton blanks gold crepe paper. Zadekoriruyte cord loop on top of the tower.
Make a hole in the turret of a tank for the gun.
Insert the gun into the hole and secured with glue.


Armor for the tank made of chocolate, gluing itto the base of the tower and using double-sided tape (hot melt), in accordance with a sound scheme of their placement. Decorate the blank tape. Finished parts glue to each other.


Make a caterpillar from a straw napkin, cut off from her 2 strips of desired width. They also can be made from three-layer (conventional) corrugated separating one layer.
Prepare Penoplex 2 of elongated oval,which will serve as the basis of the chassis, which will keep the tank full of sweets in general and caterpillars. Then obkleyte their corrugated paper dark color.
Instead Penoplex can use cardboard. Then, to obtain the desired thickness of the part to be glued several layers of cardboard. Wheels, rollers better make chocolate coins - 4 pieces on each side.


Stick to the basics of running gear and tracks coin-rollers. Glue together all parts of the tank made of sweets. Paste chocolate coin-hatch on top of the tower, as well as stars from the shoulder straps - on armor.

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