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How to make a talisman to attract money with your own hands


How to make a feng shui mascot</a>

Red color is one of the symbols that help attract money and luck to the house and business.

Believe it or not - it's up to you.

But numerous polls show that people who used feng shui talismans to raise money quickly achieved their goals.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui talismans, performed inRed color, will help to save money for a trip, purchase of real estate or other necessary purposes. If you make feng shui talismans to attract money with your own hands, then strengthen their power.

And they will work better for the benefit of your financial condition.



Red envelope - one of the most powerful talismansTo attract money and wealth. Take a paper of red color of A4 format and having receded from the edge two cm, bend. This will be the envelope valve. The rest of the paper is bent in half, glue the sides of the envelope or double-sided tape.


Glue or draw on the envelope, differentSymbols of wealth and prosperity. They can be a dragon, a phoenix, a blooming lotus, a peony or any other. Choose a picture on the Internet and print. You can take a picture from a magazine or postcards. It is better to take ready-made drawings with hieroglyphs of feng shui, since it's hard to reproduce them yourself.


Put on the red envelope drawings of heliumPen or outline of gold color. This color actively helps red color, attracting to the house and business luck and money. You can make accents in gold on ready-made drawings.


Put a red envelope - a mascot forAttracting money to the zone of wealth and prosperity. Regularly replenish it with bills. The main condition is not to spend money from the envelope. On such a talisman must be put the hieroglyph "wealth".

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