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Red - one of the symbols that are conducive to the home and business of money and luck.

Believe it or not - you decide.

But numerous polls show that people who are used to attract money talismans feng shui, quickly achieve your goals.

According to the teachings of feng shui charms, made inred, will help save money on travel, real estate purchase or other desired purpose. If you make talismans feng shui to attract money with their hands, the force of their energy power.

And they will work better for the benefit of your financial condition.



Red Envelope - one of the most powerful talismansto attract money and wealth. Take red paper A4 and retreated from the edge of two cm. Fold. This will be the envelope flap. The rest of the paper bend in half, the part of the future of the envelope glue or double-sided adhesive tape.


Glue or draw on the envelope, the varioussymbols of wealth and prosperity. They can be a dragon, a phoenix, a blooming lotus, peony, or any other. Pick a picture on the Internet and print. You can take a picture from a magazine or greeting card. It is better to take a ready-made patterns with the characters feng shui, as their own play hard.


Apply a red envelope drawings heliumhandle or loop of gold color. This color is active in helping red color, involving the home and business success and money. You can make gold color accents on the final figures.


Put a red envelope - the mascot forattract money in the area of ​​wealth and prosperity. Regularly updated its bills. The main condition - not to spend money out of the envelope. On this talisman must be applied hieroglyph "wealth".

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