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How to make a table of contents


How to make a table of contents</a>

Contents - the structure of the materials contained in the book.

Literate compiled, it helps the reader to navigate the text.



First, and most importantly - do not confuse the table of contents withContent. Pay attention to the roots of these words. The content should describe, apart from the headings and sections themselves, the content of the text, give a brief description of it, a kind of announcement, whereas the table of contents are chapters, only headings and structure.


In connection with this brevity, by definition,To the table of contents it is necessary to be taken seriously, that it really worked and helped the reader to navigate. If it is a question of an artwork, then it is not so important: reading often goes consistently (unless it is a collection of individual stories), and you do not need to look at the table of contents. But if we are talking about a scientific publication like a textbook or, especially, an encyclopedia, then the structure of the table of contents plays a much more significant role.
Yes, of course, in addition to the table of contents in such books, there is usually an alphabetical index, but it does have a slightly different meaning, in terms of disclosure, it is not so consistent.


So, we see how important the table of contents is and why it is needed. Now let us turn to his writing.
First, it should not be too shortOr small: the constituent headers should unambiguously determine the corresponding topics, so if you have the opportunity to somehow influence the headers themselves, then recommend authors and editors who will work with the material, take a closer look at the choice of headings: beautiful and original titles - this is good, but we do not need confusion, we need mainly practical use.


Secondly, the phrase "brevity - the sister of talent" here often does not work. Only exhaustive, but still general introductory information is required.


Thirdly, it is necessary to allocate larger andSmall sections of different font size and, if possible, color, increase indentation for subsections: in this case, visual perception will improve significantly. The table of contents should be easily readable, otherwise all meaning will be lost in it.

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