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How to make an enchantment table in Maynkraft


How to make an enchantment table in Maynkraft</a>

In Maynkraft, it is possible to make various objects from the extracted resources. To get additional properties, you can use magic spells.

For this purpose, the enchantment table is used.

Enchant can be tools, weapons, armor and much more.

Therefore, it is useful for all players to know how to make the enchantment table in Maynkraft.



To make the enchantment table in Meincraft's game,It is necessary to put two diamonds in the left box and the right of the middle row of cells, fill the bottom row and the middle cell with four obsidian blocks, and put the book on top of the pyramid of these materials.


Materials required for craft of the enchantedTable, it's hard to get. The easiest way to deal with the book. It can be made from three sheets of paper and a piece of skin obtained from cows. Paper is produced from cane, extracted on the shore of any water body.


Diamonds found in the game Maynkraft difficult enough. They should go down into the mine behind them. Deposits of precious stones are most often found in places where lava flows to the surface. Diamond mining requires an iron pick and many torches.


Diamonds will be needed not only toIt was possible to make a table of enchantment in Maynkraft, but also to obtain obsidian, necessary for crafting a magical object. Obsidian is the most durable type of blocks in the game, and therefore only a diamond pickax can destroy it. To produce it, you need three stones and two sticks.


To find the obsidian deposit, it is necessary to fill the lava with water using a bucket. After this, there will be strong blocks, which will have to be extracted with a diamond pick.


In addition to the enchantment table for witchcraft, you will need a room consisting of bookcases, a large amount of experience, objects for enchanting.


The subjects that are strengthened by sorcery can receiveA wide variety of useful properties. For example, armor can be made indestructible, and weapons - strong. Thanks to witchcraft, you can become stronger and faster than your rivals, which is why it is so important to learn how to make the enchantment table in Maynkraft.

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