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How to make a table Maynkraft Augmentation

How to make a table Maynkraft Augmentation

Maynkraft can be made from various items of harvests. That they receive additional properties, you can use spells.

For this purpose, table enchantment.

Enchanted possible tools, weapons, armor, and more.

And because all the players is helpful to know how to make a table in Maynkraft charm.



To make the game Maynkraft Area Augmentation,must be put in two craft diamond window to the left and right middle row cells and fill in the bottom row of four cell blocks average obsidian, and the top of the pyramid of the materials put a book.


Materials needed to craft enchantedtable hard enough to get it. The easiest way to deal with the book. Make it possible to three sheets of paper and a piece of leather, obtained from cows. Paper is made from cane produced on the shore of any pond.


Diamonds found quite difficult to Maynkraft game. For them to go down into the mine. Deposits of precious stones are most often found in places where the surface of the lava flows. For the production of diamonds requires steel pickaxe and a lot of torches.


Diamonds need not only toIt could be done in a table Maynkraft charm, but also to obtain obsidian needed for crafting a magic item. Obsidian is the strong view of the blocks in the game, and therefore it can only destroy a diamond pickaxe. For its production need three stones and two sticks.


To find the obsidian deposit, you need to pour lava water using buckets. After that there will be strong blocks, which will need to get with the help of a diamond pickaxe.


Apart enchantment table for witchcraft need a room, consisting of bookcases, a large amount of experience crafting items.


Reinforced magic items can receivevariety of useful properties. For example, you can make armor indestructible, and weapons - strong. Through magic, you will be able to get stronger and faster than their competitors, which is why it is so important to learn to make enchantment table Maynkraft.

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