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How to make a sword in the game Maynkraft


How to make a sword in the game Maynkraft</a>

In most games, the sword is used to combat evil, and Minecraft is no exception.

This weapon is necessary for effective struggle against evil mobs and other opponents.

Therefore, every traveler in the cube world needs to know how to make a sword in Maynkraft.



The sword can not only kill opponents, but also destroy most of the blocks in Maynkraft. Faster than other tools, he breaks glass, pistons, beds, foliage, cobwebs and many other blocks.


To make a wooden sword in Maynkraft,It is necessary to place a stick (in the middle cell of the bottom line) in the craft box and two wooden blocks on top. In the same way, the stone, iron, gold and diamond sword are made.


Choose which swift craft to follow fromConsiderations of maximum damage, its strength and availability of materials. Thus, your opponents will receive the most serious injuries when striking with diamond and iron swords, but the first will not be able to surpass the strength of any other weapon. But since the diamond is a fairly rare element in the game, it is optimal for beginners to craft an iron tool.


To make a sword of iron in the game of Mayncraft,It is necessary to obtain the appropriate material. To obtain ingots, it is necessary to find iron ore. Place it large enough in the lower world of the game. Also, ore can be found in caves and abandoned mines, in treasures or a deserted temple. In order to obtain ingots, it is necessary to melt the extracted ore in the furnace.


Swords in Maynkraft can be enchanted, for example, in sharpness. Such weapons can kill a mob from one critical strike.


Many players use stone swords beforePores, until they can make a tool from diamonds, as it is quite easy to obtain a stone. To make a sword in Maynkraft of stone, you need a stick and two cobbles. Cobblestone can be obtained from stone using any picks.

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