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How to make a sword in the game Maynkraft

How to make a sword in the game Maynkraft

In most games for the struggle against evil using his sword, is no exception and Maynkraft.

These weapons are necessary to deal effectively with the evil mobs and other opponents.

Therefore, each traveling on a cubic world needs to know how to make a sword maynkraft.



Sword can not only kill the enemies, but also destroy the majority of units in Maynkraft. Faster than other guns he breaks the glass, pistons, bed, foliage, web and many other units.


To maynkraft make a wooden sword,you need to put a stick crafting window (in the middle of the bottom line cell) and on top of two wooden blocks. In the same way manufacturing is done of stone, iron, gold and diamond sword.


Choose what should be crafted sword ofFor reasons as much as possible the damage, its strength and availability of materials. So, the most seriously injured will get your opponents in obtaining beats diamond, and an iron sword, but surpass the strength of the first can not no other weapons. But since diamond is a rare element in the game, the best for beginners is a tool of iron craft.


To make a sword of iron Maynkraft gamenecessary to obtain the relevant material. For ingot iron ore must be found. Deposits its rather large in the lower world of the game. Also, the ore can be found in caves and abandoned mines in the treasures of the temple or the desert. To obtain ingots must be mined ore melted in the furnace.


Swords maynkraft can be enchanted, for example, on the edge. Such weapons can kill a mob with a critical hit.


Many players use the stone as swordslong as there will not be able to make a tool of diamond as a stone to get simple enough. To make Maynkraft sword from a stone, it will take a stick and two cobblestone. Cobble stone can be obtained using any picks.

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