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How to make a swan out of a car tire

How to make a swan out of a car tire

For many people, summer residence - a place of rest. Some gardeners gardeners are accustomed to work hard on his garden, and sometimes all plant vegetables.

But in our time has become popular to decorate the garden plots different decors, it is so uplifting.

In the store you can see the figures made from different materials, but for such will have to "lay out" a rather big amount.

Why do not you yourself design the interior of the suburban area, because it is the decor, made by his own hand, will warm the soul and please the eye.

One of these figures is a swan made of tires.

You will need

  • The tire, a sharp knife or a Bulgarian, chalk, thick wire, a few screws.



Take old tires and draw on itchalk lines, as shown. Then with a sharp knife or a grinder, cut holes in the lines, which are depicted in the form of a hatch and fold. This will be your bird wings.

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Then proceed to the manufacture of the head and neck. To do this, cut along the continuous line of the head, the picture is displayed in the form of the outline of a snake.


To keep your head straight and not fall, take a thick, unbending the wire, and secure it between the head and neck with screws.


Eyes can be cut from rubber residues and attach them also with screws. After Swan ready, paint it any color.

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