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How to make a gnome costume

Gnomes ? people are cheerful and prosperous.

So if you decide to take an image of one of those lucky people, you can not save.

Especially in fantasy.



gnome costume consists of several elements: shirts, vests, pants, cap and golf.

The shirt fit any, it is desirable that it was monotonous and with wide sleeves. Thin rope belts it at waist level. This will give an additional amount of clothes.


Over the shirt we put on the vest. Better bright, such as red, yellow or blue. If you do not have in your wardrobe this, the vest is easy to make yourself by downloading the pattern in the Internet or in a magazine podsmotrev.


More red panties. They have to be above the knee. To do this, you can buy ready-made breeches or cut, or simply tuck the old trousers. On the side of the seam line can sew bells or bows? then Gnome will be more elegant. Under the bridges put on tights, stockings or socks in a wide horizontal stripes.


Shoes fit absolutely any.

Next, one of the most important elements? cap. You can use a Christmas Santa hat, pre-starched her. Also, the cap is not difficult to make out of cardboard, sheet giving a cone shape. Headgear decorate the bow with a bell or bells, to let everyone know about the dwarf approached. The image of the gnome is ready!


But do not you think that something is missing? It is true, what is the dwarf without a beard! This important item you can buy, borrow, or Santa Claus again, do it yourself. Importantly, do not feel sorry for wool! The beard is long, the richer your gnome. And finally entrust dwarf a small red bag on a long stick and a paper lantern? costume ready!

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