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How to make a suit for a cat with his own hands

How to make a costume for a cat with his own hands

Most people believe that there is no need to dress your pet. Clothes for our pets, it is not someone's whim, but a solution to many problems.

If cats often go out of city apartments, the slightest cold can cause severe complications. In addition, the clothes will remain clean so the cats that walk on their own.

In order not to have to spend a lot of money, clothes for pets striped it is possible to sew or tie yourself.

You will need

  • fabric, needle, thread, pattern, sewing machine



If you want to make a comfortable cat costume, you will have to sew overalls. It is simple enough. According to the pattern, which you will find in any magazine, cut out of the cat suit.

how to sew a jacket for the cat with his own hands with photos


Then baste the workpiece at the seams. Then make a fitting costume on your pet. To do this, put on a cat suit seamy, and make sure everything is approached. If something does not like it, then eliminate its flaws.

how to make a costume for a cat


After the fitting process the seams on a sewing machine. Go to the case closely enough to carelessly stitched seams do not interfere with your pet. The costume is ready! Carefully iron its iron and can be worn. Depending on the type of fabric used, such jumpsuit cat warm and protect it from adverse environmental effects.

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