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How to make a stylistic analysis of text


How to make a stylistic analysis of text</a>

Stylistic analysis helps to understand more clearly what the author wanted to say.

However, in order to properly assess all that is said in the text, you need to be able to correctly decompose it into small but important pieces.

And it is equally important to conduct their analysis competently, in order to understand where and what accents the author has placed.



Starting to analyze the text in terms ofStylistics, remember that in the first place you must understand the basic thought and structure of the text. And this all determines the method of analysis. After all, a more detailed study of the text should see and appreciate the linguistic features of the text, the speech that the author uses, as well as the atmosphere and the environment around the hero in which these phrases are pronounced.


During the analysis, you must answer in detailTo the questions of what and how the text was made. And this means that it is necessary to define the functions of language facilities, to determine why it was their author who chose in one context or another and to understand how they are relevant here. Of course, when the text written by a classic and deserved authority in the field of literature is stylistically analyzed, then many inaccuracies can be justified and forgiven. And in the case when a school essay or any scientific work is written, stylistic inaccuracies can easily lead to low evaluation or condemnation on the part of the teaching staff. Therefore, you need to analyze the text very carefully.


An equally important point of text analysis is theCalculation of expression in the text. With a deep study of the work, you need to determine what accents and emotional paints have a certain passage. Also it is necessary to answer the question - why this type of stylistic coloring of words is used here. In addition, it must be remembered that in one text different types of expression of the language can be combined.


It is also necessary to analyze the repetitionsWords (as far as they are justified), the use of grammatical forms, repetitions, both sound and similar endings of words and many other details. All this helps to determine not only the era in which the text was created, but also the mood among people at this time, as well as the author's attitude to the problem.

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