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How to make a stuffed toy

How to make a stuffed toy

Sewing soft toys - an incredibly exciting experience for both children and adults. The more so because they can produce almost any tissue, which is right at your fingertips.

It may be trimming fur, scraps of different fabrics, even unnecessary socks and gloves.

You will need

  • - Pattern toys-
  • - Pieces of fur, fabric, skin-
  • - igolka-
  • - nitki-
  • - Sintepon or hollofayber-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - melok-
  • - Supplies for the nose and eyes.



Pick a pattern of different toys: bears, bunnies, dogs and other animals. Make a pattern in full size. In every detail write its necessary amount. Pick up the necessary materials. This can be a variety of fabric, fur short or long fibers, leather pieces and so on.


Place the fabric wrong side up, apply a pattern, given the direction of the nap (if sew toy fur). Note that the details you need to cut out in a mirror image.


Details of cut, and if you were cut out of theirfelt, coat fabrics and fluffy fur, the allowances do not need to leave the seams. If you sew a toy from a thinner material, leave a seam allowance on all of 0.5-1 cm slices and cut parts.


Connect pairs stomach parts, feet, ears andhead. Put them inside out and sew along the sections of a loop seam by hand. Stitches try to make as straight as possible and closer to each other. Details of thin materials prostrochite on the sewing machine, leaving nezashitymi few centimeters.


Remove the parts on the front side, straightenseams. Tamp filling them. Best suited sintepon or hollofayber. They can be purchased in stores for needlework or rip the old jacket and pull out sintepon.


Attach the ears to the head, tuck cut into pieces and sew them blind stitches by hand. Similarly, sew to the body legs, tail and connect the head and body of the toy.


The nose and eyes can be glued with hotgun ready or embroider their threads on the muzzle. Tie on the head or neck bow. Sew or tie toy necessary clothes, and she will certainly be the favorite for you and your child.

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