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How to make a stencil for painting walls

How to make a stencil for painting walls

The technology of painting of walls using a stencil is known since ancient Egypt.

This method of decoration is still valid to this day.

What is surprising - patterning using a stencil allows you to transform the interior.

To get the exclusive interior of the apartment,not necessarily have to be a real artist. You can get amazingly beautiful mural with the help of stencils. Decorating the walls of the premises with their help, get even with those who do not have outstanding artistic abilities.
Stencils are used to createrepeating pattern or series of identical pictures. Pattern Size and complexity are determined in accordance with the taste of the owners. You can ad lib to experiment, show imagination, paint, and if this is not enough skill, just copy any desired pattern.

What is a stencil

The stencil is a plate with cutouts, which will outline the contours of the form image selected for application to the surface. Stencil can be done independently.
First you have to select a picture. Invent and draw its own or can be transferred onto a sheet from a magazine or a book with the help of carbon paper. If the pattern and leave on plain paper, when used as a stencil raskisnet it quickly. He should move on to something more moisture resistant.
can be purchased for this purpose a specialmaterial for the stencil. But a simple wax paper, that is, tracing paper, is quite enough. For stencil, which is expected to be used repeatedly, it is better to choose a material such as paper or thin plastic lamination.

Making a stencil

The selected pattern is transferred to the material. This is done by using carbon paper or simply by imposing figure and blanks for stencil on something bright, like a lighted window.
After that it is time to use a knife or scissors. Subtle details stencil easier to cut with a knife with a narrow blade. If you mistakenly cut too much, it is very easy to fix, stick on the cut section of an adhesive tape. Using adhesive tape is very well reinforce the sharp corners to stencil could use a little longer.
One end of the stencil must be imposed on the other,cut special notes. When applying this pattern is very useful - prompt mark as in the transfer pattern to connect the stencil. This operation is called the designation of places of joints.
Before you put on the wall with drawingusing a stencil, it is necessary to hold a line on the wall, so that the drawing was at the same distance from the ceiling or the floor. The most convenient way to hold the line with the help of ropes rubbed chalk and chalk on the wall then it will be easy to remove.

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