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How to make a stencil for painting walls


How to make a stencil for painting walls </a>

The technology of staining walls using a stencil is known from the time of Ancient Egypt.

This method of decoration does not lose its relevance to this day.

Which is not surprising - applying the pattern with a stencil allows you to transform the interior.

To get an exclusive interior in the apartment,Not necessarily be a real artist. You can get an amazing beauty of the wall panel with stencils. Decoration of the walls of the rooms with their help will be obtained even from those who do not possess outstanding artistic abilities.
Stencils are used to createRepeating ornament or a series of identical drawings. The size of the pattern and complexity are determined in accordance with the taste of the owners. You can experiment, fantasize, draw, and if there are not enough skills for this, just copy any image you like.

What is a stencil

Stencil is a plate with cutouts, in which the outlines will outline the shape of the image chosen for application to the surface. The stencil can be made independently.
First you need to select a picture. You can create and draw it yourself, or translate it to a sheet from a magazine or book using copying paper. If the pattern is left on plain paper, then when used as a stencil, it quickly becomes deformed. It must be transferred to something more moisture-proof.
For this purpose, you can purchase a specialMaterial for stencils. But simple waxed paper, that is, tracing paper, is quite enough. For a stencil that is intended to be used repeatedly, it is better to choose a material such as laminating paper or thin plastic.

Stencil making

The selected pattern is transferred to the material. This is done using copying paper or simply by overlaying the drawing and the blank for the stencil onto something bright, like a lit window.
After that, it's time to use a knife, scissors. Thin details of the stencil are more convenient to cut with a knife with a narrow blade. If, by mistake, the excess is cut off, it is very simple to fix it by sticking an adhesive tape on the chopped section. With the help of an adhesive tape it is very good to strengthen sharp corners so that the stencil can be used longer.
One end of the stencil must be applied to the other,Cut through special notes. When drawing a drawing, this is very useful - the marks will prompt how in the process of translating the picture to join the stencil. This operation is called the location of joints.
Before applying to the wall a picture atHelp stencil, you need to draw a line on the wall so that the drawing is at the same distance from the ceiling or floor. It is most convenient to draw a line with chalk rubbed with chalk, and then it will be easy to remove the chalk from the wall.

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