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How to make a star with his own hands

How to make a star with his own hands

Star, despite its prosaic nature often become national and poetic symbols. By all means people would approach them and to their beauty.

You can fulfill the dream of shining and touch hands.

But first I need to make a star.

You will need

  • White Paper Strips
  • Paints, markers, colored karandashi-
  • Glue.



Tie a knot at the end of the strip. Make it tight and taut, but not tear. Iron the paper to make it flat.


Wrap the short tip of the pentagon. Coils should fit snugly to the base.


Wrap the entire strip in a circle, keeping the shape of a pentagon. All faces should be smooth.


The tip of the smear glue and press to the basis. Iron it, removing the protruding parts of the star. It should be flat.


If you wish to schedule a pencil and cut out the mesh pattern on the planes. Do not overdo it, otherwise will tear the star apart.


Glue or stapled to the cut edge. Wrap-dozen other stars.


Paint the colors of the stars and felt-tip pens. Glue sequins, sequins, crystals, small beads. You can stick and loops of thin ropes of jewelery or satin ribbons, then you can hang a star on the flat.

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