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How to make a stand

How to make a stand

Information stand is an important part of office interior almost any company involved in the sale.

And not only the office.

You can book a booth at professionals, or make your own.

To do this, we need to get a piece of plastic on the stand size, make it pocket for flyers and brochures, attach the pockets, write a title on the stand and insert it into the frame.

Let us consider these points in more detail.



To stand perfect PVC plastic. It can be cut in the usual office knife, giving the blank desired size.


With pockets it is more complicated. They can be made of organic glass or PET plastic, but such materials are cut with a knife stationery will not succeed. Furthermore, it is necessary to treat edge. For some kinds of pockets have more material and bending. Here the heat required acrylic or PET plastic by means of infrared radiation. The most simple and proven way to heat these materials is their local heating by a nichrome string, electrically heated. The material is heated by heat exchange between it and the string, as well as material for absorption by the outgoing infrared radiation from the string.


Ready-made pockets simply attach to the base of the stand. This is done using the nuts and screws or double-sided tape.


Title at the information booth of the hand is notwrite. Letters with logos often cut from PVC film to the cutting plotter. If the plotter is not at hand, it is possible to cut stenciled letters with scissors.


And finally? frame. Make it should be miter saw, because it is inconvenient hacksaw to cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Though if his hands wizard grow from the right place, you can do a simple file. After making framework will be sufficient to insert in her stand and hang it or put it in place. It's all.

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