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How to make a stamp

How to make a stamp

It should come seriously to the production of the stamp or seal of the organization. It is still the face of the company.

The easiest way - go to the nearest print shop.

However, in this case it has its own nuances.

You will need

  • Company logo, text stamp, stamp the passport and registration.



In the manufacture of the seal or stamp in the cabinPrint has some guarantees: a seal or stamp are registered in your name. A passport allows you to perform this procedure, the absence of the passport makes it impossible to manufacture a stamp. It is also worth noting that after the production of the stamp, it must be registered in internal affairs bodies. The whole procedure takes a little time. If you prefer to do without a registration stamp, then you have a chance to be convicted under Article 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The penalty can be imprisonment from 6 months to 2 years, if the crime is committed is not the first time, the period may be increased to 4 years. You can also be fined in an amount exceeding 60 thousand rubles or the amount of payment for 6 months work.

How to make a stamp


Manufacturing various types of diesStamp by software. The well-known program that allows you to perform a large number of different dies. The program is very simple to understand it, you need a few minutes. If you have a laser printer with high-resolution printing, stamps on paper obtained of excellent quality. Stamp allows triangular, rectangular, round seals and stamps.

How to make a stamp

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