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How to make a stamp


How to make a stamp</a>

It is worth to seriously approach the manufacture of a stamp or seal in the organization. It's still the face of the company.

The easiest way is to contact the nearest print shop.

True, there are some nuances in this matter.

You will need

  • Company logo, stamp text, passport and stamp registration.



When making a seal or stamp in the cabinThere are some guarantees: a seal or stamp is registered in your name. The presence of a passport makes it possible to carry out this procedure, the absence of a passport makes it impossible to make a stamp. It is also worth noting that after manufacturing the stamp, it must be registered with the internal affairs agencies. The whole procedure will take a little time. If you prefer to do without registering a stamp, then you have a chance to be convicted under Article 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The punishment may be imprisonment for a period of 6 months to 2 years, if the crime is committed not the first time, then the period may increase to 4 years. Also you can be fined for more than 60 thousand rubles or 6 months of labor.

How to make a stamp


It is possible to produce various kinds of diesThrough the Stamp software. A well-known program that allows you to perform a large number of different stamps. The program is very simple to understand, it will take several minutes. With a laser printer with high resolution printing, the stamps on paper are of excellent quality. Stamp allows you to make triangular, rectangular, round stamps and stamps.

How to make a stamp

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