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How to make a souvenir hands

How to make a souvenir hands

Surprise and pleasure to please a loved one can obtain a souvenir for him with his own hands.

This is not a standard gift, purchased in the store, and the object to which you put a piece of his energy and emotion.

Create Topiary - a small artificial tree, decoration for which it is possible to choose a certain holiday or time of year.

You will need

  • - Styrofoam ball or gazety-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - vetka-
  • - flower pot-
  • - alebastr-
  • - coffee beans-
  • - Gun hot kleem-
  • - Colored verevki-
  • - Burlap.



Create a crown of trees. It can be made from a commercially available foam ball or make your own. Take a few sheets of newspaper and crumple them. Give them a spherical shape of the desired size and wrap the thread to the newspaper does not fall apart.


Pick up the barrel for your souvenir trees. This may be a snag, stiff cardboard from the roll middle, food film or foil, rod or branch. Insert the stem to the crown and secure with white glue or hot glue pistol.


Prepare a stand for topiary. It must be sufficiently strong and stable to future decorated tree did not fall. You can come in handy flower pots, a bucket of mayonnaise or ice cream, small jars or vases.


Secure the trunk Topiary in preparedstand. You will need a plaster or stucco. Dilute it according to the instructions. Carefully stir, to avoid large clumps. Pour the solution into the container for the tree and immediately set the barrel in the middle. Hold his hands, while gypsum or alabaster not grasp. This will happen very quickly. Topiary Leave for a day, that the solution is completely frozen.


Pattern the crown souvenir Topiary. Materials for decoration may vary. For example, a fairly popular use of coffee beans, still use walnuts or hazelnuts. Paint the basis for them in brown, so that it is not conspicuous, and looked neat tree. When decorating ball shells, pearls, or diversify their shiny pebbles. By the New Year holidays tree dress up in shiny beads and rain.


Arrange the visible portion of the barrel. It can wrap the appropriate colored rope or jute cord. Tape off the fur and paint with acrylic paints.


Decorate stand for topiary. It can be wrapped in burlap or kraft paper, wrap colored thread or cloth pasted. The main thing is to create the outfit matched the overall idea of ​​decoration trees.

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